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Modern Miss Kitty: My Latest Skillshare Project

Modern Miss Kitty To explain this project, I have to explain a little bit about myself first… *I read a lot.   *I’m obsessed with narrative art.  I like to feel as if I have walked in on something when I’m looking at an art piece.  If you were in my head, you would hear the story that I tell myself about such art pieces. *Vintage furniture pieces are all over my house. *I don’t have a cat, but my husband did once before we were married.  That cat was the fanciest cat I have ever known. *Jane Austen novels are among my favorites, and I feel like a proper Austen house would be covered in toile.  Maybe not my interpretation of toile, but toile nonetheless.    Ok…so now that you know a little bit more about me, I can explain my project. Miss Kitty is a modern cat.  She appreciates the finer things in life like sleeping masks, bubble baths, macaron towers, and chesterfield couches to lounge on while she takes her tea.  This interpretation …

November Desktop Background

There is something about the fall colors that bring me a sense of peace and rest.  I was reading a quote the other day that reminded me that it is ok to be tired.  Because right now, I am.  Thankfully, the school year is about to come up on a few breaks that will allow me some rest.  I hope you enjoy the background! “If you’re tired, learn to rest, not to quit.”   Click here to download Fall Floral desktop background.

Etsy Shop Open: Meet Frannie + Frankie!

Well…  I decided to open an Etsy shop using my designs!  I’d like to introduce Frannie + Frankie: Modern baby blankets and accessories!  Right now, you can make custom orders for organic cotton gauze swaddle blankets in a few of my designs.  Pretty soon I will be adding washcloth options as well as head wraps. Stay up to date with new listings and inspirations through Facebook (@frannieandfrankie) and Instagram (@frannieandfrankie)!  I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!

Like The Noonday

Remember how I said fear doesn’t get to drive?  Well I started a new adventure today.  I have been researching a company called Noonday Collection recently and have decided to join this fascinating fair trade company.  I know I’m not very good at sales (I’ve tried before…), but I am really excited to help support a cause that I feel strongly about.  If you would, please take a second to watch a couple videos about what Noonday Collection does, and I think you will see why I made the decision to join other like-minded women on this journey. If you’re interested in hosting a trunk show or maybe becoming an ambassador yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Noonday Collection – Our Story from Noonday Collection on Vimeo. #NoondayStyle in the Making: Metropolitan Earrings from Noonday Collection on Vimeo. Ambassador Trips 2018 from Noonday Collection on Vimeo. Photo and video credits: Noonday Collection

36 Hours in Your Home: “Staycation” Essentials

Text conversation with a friend: Her: Hey, would you be interested in seeing La La Land with me tonight? Me: Oh man, yes I would but we are in San Diego… Her: [Crying emojis] Bummer. What days of the month are you typically home? Me: Tuesdays haha Her: So Tuesdays you guys are home and you go to your jobs on those days? Otherwise you’re in Texas, Chicago, SD, or Bangladesh? Ok, so maybe my husband and I go places a lot (Bangladesh is a stretch)…  It’s true.  With our families living in different states and our love of seeing new places, we travel all the time.  In fact, we were supposed to be going to Florida over our long weekend, but plans changed.  I have to say, though, that staying home has its advantages.  No delayed flights, mediocre airport food, time changes, or jet lag. Staying home can also be the perfect time to focus on yourself and get in a few things you enjoy before starting the work week again.  I love taking weekends …

Made By Josie

  Hi!  My name is Josie Adams, Surface Pattern Designer, Bernina Addict, & School Counselor I am a middle school counselor with a dream to be a surface pattern designer.  I opened Frannie + Frankie on Etsy to take a step in that direction.  My niece, Eva, inspired a fabric collection that I am really proud of which spurred the opening of Frannie + Frankie.  I sew and sell baby blankets and accessories in original prints. My love of fabric design really began when I was teaching a fashion design class for a high school in Texas.  I had been sewing for a long time before I began teaching it (which is why I am a Bernina addict), but I really started to fall in love with fabric during my span running a class.  When you’re teaching 75 freshman how to make pajama pants, you really start to notice the prints on things.  During that time, I could make a pair of pjs with my eyes closed, so it was exciting to start to focus …