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Modern Miss Kitty: My Latest Skillshare Project

Modern Miss Kitty To explain this project, I have to explain a little bit about myself first… *I read a lot.   *I’m obsessed with narrative art.  I like to feel as if I have walked in on something when I’m looking at an art piece.  If you were in my head, you would hear the story that I tell myself about such art pieces. *Vintage furniture pieces are all over my house. *I don’t have a cat, but my husband did once before we were married.  That cat was the fanciest cat I have ever known. *Jane Austen novels are among my favorites, and I feel like a proper Austen house would be covered in toile.  Maybe not my interpretation of toile, but toile nonetheless.    Ok…so now that you know a little bit more about me, I can explain my project. Miss Kitty is a modern cat.  She appreciates the finer things in life like sleeping masks, bubble baths, macaron towers, and chesterfield couches to lounge on while she takes her tea.  This interpretation …

Crafting a Signature Style

“A signature style is incredibly important,” they say… Great!  Where do I get one of those?  Oh, that’s not something you can buy?  [Insert balloon deflating noise here]… Give me a book, show me a video, and I can learn how to do that thing.  Ask me to come up with a signature style for myself, and I freeze.  How do I know what my signature style is?  I imagine if you have decided to start down an artistic journey, you may have asked yourself this same question.  That feeling of trying to define yourself through your work isn’t always easy for everyone.  It is not easy for me.   Looking at the work of successful surface pattern designers, I often find myself discouraged.  Their work is so lovely, so cohesive and expressive of their personalities.  Mine sometimes looks as if a third grader made it.  At nearly thirty, that stings a bit.  But… because I believe self deprecation only gets you nowhere, I aim to start taking steps towards finding my own style. **IMPORTANT NOTE: …

November Desktop Background

There is something about the fall colors that bring me a sense of peace and rest.  I was reading a quote the other day that reminded me that it is ok to be tired.  Because right now, I am.  Thankfully, the school year is about to come up on a few breaks that will allow me some rest.  I hope you enjoy the background! “If you’re tired, learn to rest, not to quit.”   Click here to download Fall Floral desktop background.

Etsy Shop Open: Meet Frannie + Frankie!

Well…  I decided to open an Etsy shop using my designs!  I’d like to introduce Frannie + Frankie: Modern baby blankets and accessories!  Right now, you can make custom orders for organic cotton gauze swaddle blankets in a few of my designs.  Pretty soon I will be adding washcloth options as well as head wraps. Stay up to date with new listings and inspirations through Facebook (@frannieandfrankie) and Instagram (@frannieandfrankie)!  I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!