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November Desktop Background

There is something about the fall colors that bring me a sense of peace and rest.  I was reading a quote the other day that reminded me that it is ok to be tired.  Because right now, I am.  Thankfully, the school year is about to come up on a few breaks that will allow me some rest.  I hope you enjoy the background! “If you’re tired, learn to rest, not to quit.”   Click here to download Fall Floral desktop background. Advertisements

Just Going For It – Desktop Background

The words artist and designer seem so huge to me.  Like in order to fulfill one of those roles, you have to be comparative in talent to Monet or Chanel.  Sure, I like to sketch and come up with fabric patterns in my spare time, but I don’t consider myself a designer.  This hesitant feeling and lack of confidence in my work has prevented me from even ordering a few yards of my own designs from Spoonflower.  Nothing ever seemed finished or worthy of being printed.  I was even asked by someone if I would put my designs on Spoonflower, and my response was that I wanted to wait until I had a whole collection of works that I was really proud of. Just a few days ago, I remembered that the beauty of Spoonflower and other printing sites like it is that you don’t have to be a “designer” to anyone else but yourself.  No one else has to like or share my work for it to be valid.  It is mine, and I …

Longing for Warmer Weather: Free Desktop Background

They lied.  Those people who told me it never rains in California lied.  This week in Sacramento has been one dreary stretch of days.  Yes, yes… I know it is needed, and that I shouldn’t complain about the life giving waters, but when you’re solar powered like me, consecutive days with no sun really gets you down. Thankfully today seems to have brought back my beloved yellow friend, and I want to celebrate by offering up the pattern I made to cheer me up during the last couple dark days.  Hope you enjoy! Download Warmer Weather desktop background here.

Free Download | Grit Digital Backgrounds

This quote from Angela Duckworth, author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, is fast becoming my mantra.  I so enjoyed her TEDtalk and can’t wait to read her book!  It can be easy to give up on your goals, but remember to have grit and persevere.  Whatever you’re goals are, stick with it and enjoy the process! Download free “Grit” desktop background Download free iPhone 6 background

Creativity: Always Learning

A few months ago, my husband and I were fortunate to spend some time in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.  If you have the opportunity to go to the Los Cabos area, I highly recommend staying in San Jose over San Lucas.  It is an absolutely beautiful area set apart from the tourist bombardment that is San Lucas.  We found the perfect spot through Airbnb that gave us a spectacular view of the ocean and a short walk to what turned out to be almost our own private beach.  Thursday nights in San Jose offer an art walk where local artists display and sell their work in the square and galleries open their doors and invite you to become inspired.  As if sparsely populated beaches and local artistry weren’t enough, San Jose is also home to an oasis by the name of Flora Farm.  I wish I could describe the beauty and the feeling of relaxation that the farm provided for me.  I will have to settle for sharing a few pictures so I can get …