Month: May 2016

Travel: Experience Los Cabos

  Oh, Mexico, how I miss you.  My husband and I decided to take our slightly belated honeymoon in Cabo, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience there.  We went in mid-February, and the weather was absolutely perfect!  Of course, being on the coast makes the weather pretty perfect most of the time, but it was great to leave the chill of northern California for a week in the Mexican sand and sun.  As we come into the summer vacation months, I wanted to recommend a few places and activities should you be planning a trip to Cabo. Number 1: Stay in San Jose del Cabo I can not stress this recommendation enough, especially if you are the type of person who prefers a quieter, more local experience over the intense tourist traps.  San Jose is a short drive from the more popular Cabo San Lucas, but is definitely worth the trip.  We were able to find an amazing spot through Airbnb that honestly made our trip.  Our host, Kim, was fantastic.  She was …

The Classics Shop

Recently Gwyneth Paltrow’s online magazine, Goop, launched a line of clothing they aptly call “The Classics Shop.”  Of course, I’m in love.  Also of course, I can’t afford it.  People who work in education generally don’t pay $600+ for one item of clothing… I sort of rediscovered Zara the other day while out shopping, and I am pleased to find that several of the GP looks featured in her amazing classics shop can be found for a much more affordable price.  However, if you can afford GP’s pieces without completely draining your savings, more power to you! Shop the Post: Goop Classics Shop or Zara

Unique Gifts for Your Foodie Friends

We all have those people in our lives.  Those people who have more than a casual interest in food.  People whose ideal date is going to a different restaurant and ordering something they’ve never tried before and rave about it for hours after.  People who don’t know how to bring an average casserole to a pot luck dinner and make something with quinoa instead.  My husband and I are those people for our friends.  We love to cook, eat, and talk about food.  Possibly to the great boredom of everyone around us, but hey…that’s why we married each other. For our wedding, a dear friend of mine gave us the most interesting gift we received from anyone.  She adopted an olive tree in Italy for us!  You’re probably thinking ok…what do you do with an adopted olive tree?  Nothing except sit back and wait for the fresh olive oil that is shipped to your door!  Our olive oil from our little olive tree made it the house today, and I am beyond excited to use …

5 Chic Ways to Decorate with Tile

Everyone it seems, including myself, is obsessed with taking pictures of their feet atop gorgeous tile patterns.  I’m not sure when this became an Instagram trend, but I love it.  Make your home worthy of the perfect feet & tile shot with a little inspiration from these rooms. Tile is a great way to incorporate color into your home.  I love a clean, white look, but a pop of interesting color or pattern is just as polished. Remember that tile is not just for the bathroom and kitchen.  Create a chic entry way or spruce up your staircase with a few decorative squares. Image Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5