Month: April 2016

Urban Outdoor Envy

Allergies aside, I love Spring.  I love when the weather grows warmer and you have this urge to be outside and soak in all the sun you can.  Of course, it is nice to have an outdoor space at your home you can relax in.  These spaces are giving me major motivation to take my own outdoor space to the next level.  Happy Friday, everyone!  Go enjoy some green space this weekend! Image Sources: 1, 2, 3 Advertisements

Creativity: Always Learning

A few months ago, my husband and I were fortunate to spend some time in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.  If you have the opportunity to go to the Los Cabos area, I highly recommend staying in San Jose over San Lucas.  It is an absolutely beautiful area set apart from the tourist bombardment that is San Lucas.  We found the perfect spot through Airbnb that gave us a spectacular view of the ocean and a short walk to what turned out to be almost our own private beach.  Thursday nights in San Jose offer an art walk where local artists display and sell their work in the square and galleries open their doors and invite you to become inspired.  As if sparsely populated beaches and local artistry weren’t enough, San Jose is also home to an oasis by the name of Flora Farm.  I wish I could describe the beauty and the feeling of relaxation that the farm provided for me.  I will have to settle for sharing a few pictures so I can get …

Wellness: Managing Anxiety & Depression

By day, I am a school counselor, and this topic is particularly hard for me to write about.  However, part of living well means living honest about the negatives in life so we can work to make a better and more positive existence for those around us as well as for ourselves.  I see more and more kids come through my door who experience a level of anxiety and depression I never encountered at their age.  To make matters worse, I was informed of a new statistic revealing suicides have increased significantly since the 80s, especially in young girls ages 10-14 years old.  Researchers have many hypotheses as to why this is, but nothing solid has been discovered.  All they know for sure is the percentage has nearly tripled in recent years for this age group.  This is disheartening for me as a counselor and as a woman. Knowing this new statistic motivated me to write down a few tips for managing anxiety and depression according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Strategies …

Home: *Still* Can’t Get Enough Subway Tile

  Subway tiles are nothing new in the home design world, but I really can’t get enough of them.  I love the clean look they provide.  If you’re bored with the standard horizontal placement of the tiles, change it up with interesting diamond cuts, a framed half-wall, or add darker grout to really make each tile stand out.  Add some warmth to the room with mixed metal accents and wood touches. Image Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

Made By Josie

  Hi!  My name is Josie Adams, Surface Pattern Designer, Bernina Addict, & School Counselor I am a middle school counselor with a dream to be a surface pattern designer.  I opened Frannie + Frankie on Etsy to take a step in that direction.  My niece, Eva, inspired a fabric collection that I am really proud of which spurred the opening of Frannie + Frankie.  I sew and sell baby blankets and accessories in original prints. My love of fabric design really began when I was teaching a fashion design class for a high school in Texas.  I had been sewing for a long time before I began teaching it (which is why I am a Bernina addict), but I really started to fall in love with fabric during my span running a class.  When you’re teaching 75 freshman how to make pajama pants, you really start to notice the prints on things.  During that time, I could make a pair of pjs with my eyes closed, so it was exciting to start to focus …